Chernobyl Mixing Bundle

Both Beginner and Advanced Metal Mixing Courses

$ 160.00

Mixing Your First Metal Song provides guidance, demonstrations, and the most vital information you need so that you can build a solid foundation as a mixer, allowing you to bypass years of frustration getting nowhere.

Go step-by-step with me and see what it really takes to get a dense song full of blast beats, double bass, bass guitar, multiple different types of guitar parts, tons of vocal tracks, nearly 20 orchestral tracks, and sound effects working together to create a huge, atmospheric metal mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mixing Your First Metal Song and Mixing Extreme Metal?

Mixing Extreme Metal is an in-depth training series that builds upon the foundation of Mixing Your First Metal Song. The song mixed in Mixing Extreme Metal is much more complex, requiring more work and time that could be a bit overwhelming for somebody just getting started with mixing. Mixing Your First Metal Song is a great way to start growing your skills whereas Mixing Extreme Metal is a great way to hone your skills even further.

Which DAW is used in this training series?

I’m working with Cockos Reaper 6 and Cubase Pro with these series, but you can follow along in any DAW as the explanations I provide are universal to mixing and are not DAW specific

Do I need to have the same plugins that you have?

Absolutely not. There is a PDF included with the plugins I used and my explanation of why I use them, but it’s not critical that you use the exact same plugins as when I’m mixing, I explain what I’m doing and why, which can be applied to whichever plugin you decide to use.

Can I post my own mix of "The Rotting Sun" on my YouTube or in my portfolio?

Absolutely! There is a small note I ask you to post along with the mix, but there are no restrictions on posting your own mix results anywhere you like, be it your YouTube channel or in your portfolio. Go for it!

What if I get stuck or need help?

There is a private Discord community reserved only for members of the course. It’s a community of several hundred people (and Scott is also there)—once you join in you’ll be able to share your results, ask questions, and also help others!

How is the course delivered?

Once you have bought the course, you can stream it all right from our website on our custom platform that lets you keep track of your progress. But if you rather download the videos for viewing later, you can do that too.

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