Metal Essentials Vol.3


Essential Drum Grooves for Black Metal, Tech Death, & Folk Metal.


Metal Essentials Vol.3 is a collection of must-have grooves if you are making music in the Tech Death, Black Metal, and Folk Metal genres. With over 371 different grooves, you can stop wasting time trying to figure out how to write great drum parts and focus on everything else you need to do to make a great song.

Metal Essentials was designed to allow songwriters to quickly create drum parts fit for most situations. They can be used as the final drum parts for the song or as a blueprint for your drummer to jump off from.

All grooves and fills were performed and captured by session drummer Mazen Ayoub to ensure you get the realistic-sounding drums your music deserves.

Combined with Extinction Level Event, it makes what is already the most realistic drum library on the planet even better with the touch of a world-class drummer.

NOTE: This MIDI pack only contains the MIDI files, no sampler/library is included. The MIDI files contained are compatible with all popular third-party samplers.

Hear Metal Essentials Vol.3

Here you will find some example demos of the Grooves included in this pack put together in short songs. The sample library used to demonstrate this is Extinction Level Event.


Trey Xavier
Trey Xavier
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Jackson Ward
Jackson Ward
Music Proucer
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Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott
Chernobyl Studios
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are grooves packs exactly?

This is a collection of drum grooves, beats, and fills written and performed by some of the best drummers in the world. Giving you the ability to combine these drum grooves with a drum library such as Extinction Level Event to get not only incredible sounding drums. But also drum parts are written to work with your own music.

Do I have to have Extinction Level Event in order to use this groove pack?

Nope. While this grooves pack is optimized to make the most of Extinction Level Event. The MIDI can be loaded and played back with any drum sampler on the market using the provided Standard General MIDI versions included in the pack. But, that being said, if you want the most realistic drum samples possible. You will be hard-pressed to be the combination of Extinction Level Event and our MIDI Groove Packs.

What if I want to use the grooves at a faster or slower tempo?

You can! The bpm range we mention is just a suggestion that we think most people will find these grooves best fit in. If you like how it’s sounding below or above that range, more power to you! Because these are MIDI files and not audio recordings. There is no loss in quality by changing the tempo, like there otherwise would be.

Will this work in my DAW?

Yes! Any DAW that supports MIDI tracks is compatible. And that is almost all of them, save for the oldest or most obscure DAWs out there. 

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Metal Essentials Vol.3

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