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Singularity Virtual Bass

Easily Create Authentic Bass Tones That Make Your Music Sound Huge.

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Virtual Instrument

Extinction Level Event Master Kit

A Drum library so big and explosive, it could only be categorized as an Extinction Level Event.


After complaining for years about how awful programmed drums sound, I decided to do something about it. Extinction Level Event is the answer to the stale, predictable and robotic drums that plague today’s music
Glenn Fricker
Spectre Sound Studios
I'm blown away by what Spectre Digital has done here with Extinction Level Event. If ELE is any indication, then I’m very excited to see what Spectre Digital does in the future.
Scott Elliott
Chernobyl Studios
Spectre Digital has a veritable toolbox of incredible plugins and sounds that don’t just make my productions sound better, they also keep my workflow smooth so I can really focus on writing songs and playing.
Trey Xavier
Gear Gods

SMG Cockblocker

The Best Guitar Noise Gate, now as a plugin.

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