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How to install Singularity Virtual Bass on Mac

To install the software, first, you have to download the latest Singularity version from the following link: Click Here

Uncompressed the download and run the file called Install Singularity.pkg, the following window should appear

After you press Continue, the following window should appear 

After you read the license agreement and make sure you agree with it, press the “Continue” button.

Choose the plug-in format that suits your needs the best (we recommend leaving everything at default).

Clarification ( VST is the plug-in format that most DAWs use, while AU [Audio Units] are the only options for Apple’s DAW and UA’s Luna, except for Pro Tools, which uses AAX)

Select where Singularity will be installed and then press the Install button.

After the installation finishes run the file called “Download Singularity Library.exe”

If this issue appears, go to system preferences on your Mac and then “Security and Privacy”

Once there go to the general tab in the section and press the “Open Anyway” button.

Finally: Choose the Download path if you plan on having the samples on a different drive and press the GO! button. As stated in the GUI: If you have issues downloading the library consider changing the server that you are using to download the files

You’re now ready to enjoy Singularity on your Mac!

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Updated on April 29, 2024
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